Monday, January 25, 2010

Wow! It has been too long...So much has happened!

Happy New Year everyone! So many new and exciting events have occured since I have last blogged. I was lying in bed last night feeling a bit guilty for not updating. I realized that Face Book is my problem. Well, I am the problem. but I have let FB distract me ALOT. I have decide to do a FB fast! A little drastic you may think. However, I am already having withdrawl symptoms, how's that for drastic? lol. Let's see, where to begin? So much to tell...

* My baby girl got married January 1st!! I am still getting used to it and still missing her so much. She lives about 2 hours away and feels so much farther. I miss hearing her in the mornings and our girl nights. We still talk everyday and we are going out to lunch Wed. :) Yes, I am going to post photos. She was the most beautiful bride I ever saw.

* My Sis-in-Law and niece came to stay from CA for three weeks. Brittany was a flower girl in the wedding. So much fun! I miss them lots too!!

* I finally can DRIVE!!! YAY!!! I have a new van to boot! Woo Hoo! Yes, I am feeling very blessed!  <3

* I am going to Physical Therapy and feeling better and stronger every day! Next week I start water aerobics to try to get this weight off before summer!

So, you could say that this is very good start to a new year!! I am going to try to be good and blog every week. hahaha.


Matt and Cassie. He is a proud papa! :)

Cassie and Bre waiting for the Ceromony to begin

My mom, Tom, Bre and Ty

Daddy and Daughter

Bre, Matt and Tammy Dancing with unseen Brittany :)

I got a hug from my baby girl <3


Beautiful Brittany

These are pics that I took. I will post pictures from the Photographer once we get them. :)