Thursday, December 27, 2012


Again, I have let too much time pass before adding a new post. This year has been a very busy year for us. Yes, we only have one homeschooler left. Can you believe that? Anyway, that one homeschooler has a LOT on her plate...CCA, Choir, Basketball, CAP, and Co-ops.

CCA: Has been truly a blessing to us. Bre has learned and retained so much. We add our own Math, History and Science along with the program. We meet once a week and she is given homework for the remainder of the week. What I REALLY love is that all the pressure is not on me. lol If Bre doesn't like an assignment..."Sorry, I'M not the one who assigned it, you can ask Mrs. G about it. Awesome!

Choir: I will try to upload a video. They just had a beautiful Christmas Recital. Bre met with the Choir for 2 hours weekly and all of their hard work really did pay off. She will be attending the program again in the Spring as Archery starts up next week.

Basketball: Bre LOVES Bball! I'm sure she appreciates her huge growth spurt over the summer. She has amazing Coaches and  fellow teammates. Bre plays with a sibling that Cassie played with years ago. Love that!

CAP: Bre loves CAP and has recently been promoted to Senior Airman.

Co-ops: Co-ops are great for fellowship for both child and mom. I wouldn't give them up for anything. =)

Even though we have something scheduled Monday-Friday we still "manage" to get all of our work done. I know some seasons are busier than others and this is just "one of those" busy seasons. At times exhausting, but I do appreciate it as it is all worth it. It won't be long (4.5 short years) until our homeschool days come to an end. It is such a BIG part of our life and lifestyle. I will surely miss these hectic days...

I'll upload pictures later. I just wanted to give a quick HOMESCHOOL update. I have much more to share about my other loves. ;)       

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School

Have you ever planned an entire school year only to change it at the last minute? Literally the last minute? That is what I did! 

You know that we have been mostly a Charlotte Mason style family. I love this style of homeschooling and it has been a blessing to our family. However, I have been intrigued by the Classical side of it for a number of years. Charlotte Mason was a Classical teacher so it is not a big surprise. What does surprise me is how much I have fallen in love with Classical Education. 

We have friends that have been part of a, (I don't want to call it a co-op because that's not quite right) group of Classical Educators that meet every week. I have talked to them a bit here and there about it over the years, and was impressed with the style, yet afraid to change things up. Our family went to their house for dinner two days before school was to start. I started asking questions and was shown a beautiful presentation about the program. I was ready to sign up! I was invited to attend the first meeting yesterday. 

All I can say is"Wow!" It was better than I anticipated. There were so many elements of Charlotte Mason weaved in, yet the concerns I have had with CM, such as not enough writing comprehension, were implemented. The tutors are skilled in what they are teaching and made the day fun and go by fast.  

There is enough homework to keep Bre busy every morning yet still have time for other lessons and activities. I know I am not illustrating  this the way I want to. I was up late last night pouring over the guides, so please forgive me if I am not making any sense. I will try to articulate it better next week.I will also  try to upload some of Breanna's work at that time. I just wanted to share quickly what we have been up to. =)

Happy Homeschooling Everyone!

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Home Management Binder

I have had a home management binder since my oldest (20) was a baby. Back then it wasn't all that glamorous. It held... parenting tips that I clipped from magazine articles, recipes, a pad of paper form all of my many lists and our daughters school work and such. Over the years it had evolved into a bigger and better version. Last year I gave it away to my oldest as she was starting her own family.

 I realized that I missed it, even though I don't open it every day. So, I created a new one and I must say this is my favorite one so far. There are so many resources on the net to help fill your binder. I will add links later. For now, a peak...

A Lovely Find for our Nature Study

While shopping at a favorite thrift store with my girls, I found a beautiful bird case. It was on the counter and had yet to be priced. All of our items were already rung up, but they kindly priced it and added it to my bill.

All the way home (45 min. drive) I was trying to think of where to put it and more specifically what to put into it. I try not to purchase anything that I can't find a place or use for. This is a difficult task for me as I am a very visual person and sometimes there is no rythme or reason as to why I find something appealing. lol  

About 5 minutes before we arrived home, it hit me. I could use it to hold our Nature Study books!! Yay, at least I my what answered. Now I need to find a permanent where. =)

I took some photos to share. Since then we have added a few things...our Nature Guide, charcoal pencils, water color pencils, bird guide, bird whistle and erasers.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Reasoon I am starting to DISLIKE facebook

An acquaintance  recently told me that I have a perfect life. Huh? I barley know her. Why? I asked. Well, all of your fb posts are so positive and you and your family look perfectly happy. :o Stop...hold the phone! We are not a perfect family. Yes, we are happy (most of the time) and I love my family so very much. But perfect? NOPE, not even close. We have bad moods, messy house days, and typical trials that every family has.
So, I went to my profile and read through my posts. Wow, it does look like I have a perfect life. Does this mean I am fake? No, I abhor negative posts, it is draining for me to see how bitter and negative people can be. I try to only posts the good because I don't want to be the cause of draining another person. Did I do more harm than good? Is facebook just an illusion? The whole reason I signed up for facebook is to keep in contact with family and friends. Are we all fooling each other? Are we really connected if we only let people  see what we want? I feel like I just got dosed with a huge reality check. Literally.
I feel like my facebook days are numbered. I want to really be connected to the people that matter to me. I do not want my self worth to be defined on fb. Plus, I am a bit of a people pleaser and do feel hurt when someone removes me as a friend. Even if I don't care for them much myself. I spend too much time scrolling down the page, feeling the need to read every post. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I NEED to get off of fb. I love to read so many wonderful post written by my fellow homeschool friends and I always find so many wonderful resources on fb. However, is it really worth all the a fore mentioned?  I can still stay connected through forums and also gleen lots of resources from them! I am going to do it! I am! I am quitting FB!!! I am starting today...I will let you know how I do. =)

What are your thoughts about facebook? Have you ever felt like quitting or is it too important to you?

Monday, June 18, 2012

It has been so long...

My hubby asked me how blogging is going, since he hasn't heard me say anything about it lately.  Hmmm...It HAS been a while. Its facebook! I know I have said this before, but it is very true. I post pics and events that happen daily or weekly. Easy Peasy. Too easy. Even with the time line on fb, its not the same. I love looking back through the years on this blog and see what we have done as a family and homeschooling. So, I have come up with a plan. I am going to blog every Friday. I will include our week in review, my weekly menu and of course pictures. I may even have Bre do some updating as well. I am trying to wean myself of of facebook anyhow.

For now, I will add some photos...See you Friday! ;)