Thursday, December 27, 2012


Again, I have let too much time pass before adding a new post. This year has been a very busy year for us. Yes, we only have one homeschooler left. Can you believe that? Anyway, that one homeschooler has a LOT on her plate...CCA, Choir, Basketball, CAP, and Co-ops.

CCA: Has been truly a blessing to us. Bre has learned and retained so much. We add our own Math, History and Science along with the program. We meet once a week and she is given homework for the remainder of the week. What I REALLY love is that all the pressure is not on me. lol If Bre doesn't like an assignment..."Sorry, I'M not the one who assigned it, you can ask Mrs. G about it. Awesome!

Choir: I will try to upload a video. They just had a beautiful Christmas Recital. Bre met with the Choir for 2 hours weekly and all of their hard work really did pay off. She will be attending the program again in the Spring as Archery starts up next week.

Basketball: Bre LOVES Bball! I'm sure she appreciates her huge growth spurt over the summer. She has amazing Coaches and  fellow teammates. Bre plays with a sibling that Cassie played with years ago. Love that!

CAP: Bre loves CAP and has recently been promoted to Senior Airman.

Co-ops: Co-ops are great for fellowship for both child and mom. I wouldn't give them up for anything. =)

Even though we have something scheduled Monday-Friday we still "manage" to get all of our work done. I know some seasons are busier than others and this is just "one of those" busy seasons. At times exhausting, but I do appreciate it as it is all worth it. It won't be long (4.5 short years) until our homeschool days come to an end. It is such a BIG part of our life and lifestyle. I will surely miss these hectic days...

I'll upload pictures later. I just wanted to give a quick HOMESCHOOL update. I have much more to share about my other loves. ;)