Sunday, January 14, 2007

This Weeks Agenda

Monday: I know PS kids have the day off and C, T and B wants the day off also. I decided we would do half day. Focusing on Martin Luther King and doing a few projects. C has to turn in her work from last week.
Tuesday: Normal School Day, Music Lessons, Cassie has Bball Practice
Wednesday:Normal School Day
Thursday: First day of Ice Skating with other Homeschoolers, actually first time ice skating:EVER! We will probably have lunch somewhere downtown and maybe go to the Art museum
Friday: Normal School Day. Matt is setting up a blog on our server for the kids. It will great to see thier thoughts on homeschool. I hear all the good stuff, like I love Homeschool and it's great and freeing and now I actually like to learn. That is great to hear, but there is something about blogging that lets you just say what you feel. And let's be honest here we do not have perfect days everyday.

Oh, there is a purity ball comming up and Cassie is very excited becuase when she was in PS she attended EVERY school dance/function. There is also a Father/Daughter Formal Dance comming up. And a fun Mother and Son great race type thing. hmmm...Do I have to run? Oh well, Ty I promise to do my best. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Homeschool Goals for 2007

  1. To remember to ALWAYS turn to GOD when I need confirmation that I am doing the right thing.
  2. To NOT over schedule
  3. To spend more time in areas that interest the kids most
  4. To not be overly ridgid with my schedule
  5. To make more time for me
  6. To not feel guilty for taking more time for me
  7. To organize the homeschool and buy MORE bookshelves
  8. To play even MORE educational games

I guess that's it. I am pretty happy with the way things are. The kids are happy and I am begining to relax a bit on our busy schedule. The kids are picking up books during thier own free time and asking more educational questions, so I guess it's ok to back off a bit. I tend to turn EVERY life experience into an educational experience. Get this, they are even watching educational shows INSTEAD of thier usual favorites. And I didn't even request it. I feel confident that I am doing what GOD has called me to do. Still, just like every other homeschool mom, I have moments of panic. BUT, that passes quickly, escpecially when I see the kids playing nicely together and helping each other out.

Grandma and Kids

Cassie ans Kelly sharing her cake at AppleBees

On the Court

Cassie and her basketball team having a slumber party

Cassie being funny at her birthday dinner

My "baby" who just turned 15 and Me!