Friday, September 26, 2008

Kirk Cameron on Evolution

Remember that goofy kid from Growing Pains, the 80's program? I had such a crush on him! hahaha. Anyhow, he put together a 7 min podcast on Evolution. It is fantastic, the way he discounts the so called scientist theory of the big bang! He also produced and played in all the Left Behind Series. Plus, he is in the new movie and I believe co-produced Fire Proof in theatres today! It is great to see a child star turned Christian and do something productive and reach thousands! Here is the podcast:

We are off to Gym Day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Buffalos, Balls and Dolls

What do they all have in common? NOTHING. I am just giving an update on what we have been up to. Let's see...Gym Day (balls) the kids really love gym day! They get to participate in different sports and hang out with their peeps. It is a parent run program and runs in 6 week sessions. Right now they are doing softball and relay races, in 6 weeks it will be soccer and calisthenics for Bre and Soccer and Strength Training for Ty. In the future they will be participating in Floor Hockey, Ice Skating, Basketball, Karate , Volleyball and more. It is every Friday for 33 weeks and the kids love it!
Yesterday we went on a Buffalo Safari (THANKS MANDY- YOU ROCK!) It was very cool. We were able to get VERY close to the herd. There was one Buffalo in particular that was a bit scary-Big Jim is his name and he is head honcho of the group. In fact he fathered 18 babies in one day last spring. :) We took a tractor hay ride around the farm and the weather was just perfect. I will post pictures later. We were going to go to a really cool butterfly museum afterwards but I had to get a tetanus shot (stepped on a rusty nail). Still had a great time!

Our first Life of Faith Party was Friday also. (AGAIN-THANKS MANDY!) Bre and I had a sweet time, fellowshipping with other moms and daughters. The girls even put on a scit ,had a tea party and did a craft. I was impressed with how organized the entire evening was and the message of the evening: 1 Samuel 16;7 -The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.
What a fantastic word for girls living in this day. Even as adults we can find ourselves sometimes "judging" someone on their outward appearance. So, I would say that I believe this club is going to be an uplifting journey for both Breanna and I. Bre brought her LOF Doll Kathleen Mackenzie. We look forward to our monthly club meetings.
That was all the fun stuff, I won't bore you with DR. appointments and such. Overall we had a great week.

Interesting Article from FOX News,2933,426150,00.html

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I bet you don't know this about me...

I have been very, let's say anal about my house being clean and everything in it's place most of my adult life. This drives my family crazy! I feel like I am creating an environment for them to learn and play in an uncluttered home. I always thought that a cluttered house means a cluttered brain and it would just spiral down hill from there. I was even so bad I would not open my door if I had dishes in my sink! Well, our oldest, whom you all know is very mature and responsible came to me and said :"Mom, I appreciate how hard you work to keep the house in order and all, BUT no one is going to DIE if the house is a mess!" She also said, I might have more FUN if I loosened up a bit! Can you believe that? At first I was a little offended and i just stared at her for a moment gathering my defense. At that moment it occurred to me that she might be right. How many days did I forgo fun to clean? How many moments did I miss in the midst of a cleaning frenzy?
Well, I decided to do just what Cass suggested and loosen up a bit! You know what? No one did die, and we are having FUN! AND I have dishes in my sink!! Guess what else I did? I veered off from my schedule a bit. Yeah, I know crazy right? Well, I have noticed when Ty starts to defunction, he fidgets and pulls at his clothes. In the past this would be my cue to put more enthusiasm in our lesson and try to make it more fun. But, what I did this last time was throw it all to the wind. He was beyond listening at this point anyway, no matter how enthused I acted. So, what we did was put on some lively music and cranked up the volume and DANCED for like a half hour. And NO it was not free-time. Hows that for growth? Hmmm? And you know what? We went back to the lesson and picked right up from where we left off without a hitch! My neighbors probably think I am wiereder than they already do but who cares? Bre joined in and it was a BLAST!
So what did I learn? Sometimes we need to stop and see what our children can teach US! If I had been defensive when Cassie tried sharing her wisdom, I would have missed out on such a fun time with my son. Remember, God uses other people to get his messages across to us. He may even use your own child!
So what if my house gets a little messy-we live here!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Girls Night

Myself and the girls had a fun girls night last night, being that the guys weren't home. We ate shrimp and had shrimp salad with crackers and for dessert we polished of a huge cheesecake. I know I am trying to stay clear away from that stuff, but hey it's GIRLS NIGHT! We watched two chick fliks and stayed up until almost 1 am. I wonder if the guys are having as much fun...

Spirit of America

A small group of us attended the Spirit of America production put on by the US ARMY Friday and it was FANTASTIC! Between my husband whom has served in the Army and our son who is planning on joining after he completes ROTC in a few years, I was feeling very patriotic. Not to mention it was the day after the anniversary of 9/11. After the show the kids had their programs autographed. They loved the whole show especially the Drill Team, that was a hold your breath show stopper. Amazing. Ty was able to watch the show with his friend Jordan whom is also interested in the military. It was very awe-inspiring to see the passion these soldiers have for their Country.
When we arrived there were protesters outside of the Arena with posters saying "Recruiters Lie-Soldiers Die! " My husband was yelling HOO-RA to the crowd of protesters. )I just can't take him anywhere-GRIN) I am astonished that these people feel the way they do. I could maybe understand if these young men were drafted and forced to join. However, they join for the love of their Country and the Freedom that we have - INCLUDING those protesters.
As a mom of a boy who already has his career pretty much mapped out for the Armed Forces, I can be honest and say that it is a bit terrifying to think that he could go to war and not come home. However, what a honorable heart he has! I will and am proud of whatever path he chooses. Matt and Ty are at Civil Air Patrol Camp right now, roughing it and getting more training, I recently read in the CAP newsletter that CAP Cadet's need to be on alert for they may be deployed to help out the victims of Hurricane Ike. I can't help but think back to 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, I remember Ty age 11 at the time crying and praying asking me what we could do to help. I know he would be honored and feel obligated to help in any way possible. I truly did not realize that even at the tender age of 14 , if duty calls he will be going (with his dad) to help out. All I can do as his mom is pray and know that the Lord has him in his grip. I am proud of all my brood!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Tylor!

Today is T-man's 14th birthday!! It's hard to believe! You know, after almost 17 years of being a mother of three you'd think that I would get used to milestones and such. I guess I am just a very sappy person. In fact the other night I was going through my hat box of love letters from Matt, dating back to January 1991! I was a sobbing mess when he arrived home, however, it ignited some old feelings and it was like we were 15 and 16 again.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, my sappy self. I just love my life and my family so very much! See, SAPPY!

I do have days where I ask "WHY ME?", don't we all? I have found that it happens when I am not diligent in my work, whether it be homeschooling, mothering ,housework or bookkeeping. I also noticed that when the kids are acting up it is usually because they are bored, not challenged enough, or disorganized. This family functions best on structure. I know families that cannot fathom structure and function just fine. I love the fact as different as we are, we have two very important things in common-the love of the Lord and our Families. Sorry, I truly do not have anything substantial to post today. I am just celebrating my boy's special day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I'm beginning to see what a true blessing it was to have two vans. You know the saying, you don't know what you had until it's gone, or something like that. At first I didn't mind not having the van because I wasn't too keen on getting back behind the wheel after the accident. However, now that Cassie is going to college, drivers ed, and internship it makes things more complicated. Friday was horrific. We did morning work, then picked Cassie up from school, did some errands, went to Gym Day, took Cassie to Drivers Ed, picked up some groceries, made a quick dinner and took Matt and and Ty to their final hunting licence class. It is days like those that makes me want to pull out my hair. I have looked at a few vans that are nice looking in our price range but are high mileage. I would love to go to a dealership and pick up a brand new Toyota Sienna 2009. However, my husband does not like payments of any kind. We never have had credit cards and everything we own is paid for. I do appreciate that, and he is my husband, so I respect his decision. But, caution I am whining, I NEED a van! Ok, maybe a bit dramatic, I do NOT need a van, but it sure would make my life a little easier. Truly, I do feel very blessed that my husbands business allows us to do most everything as a family.I love the fact that he is able to go on the fieldtrips with us. I love that I am able to stay home and homeschool the kids and enjoy watching them grow and learn. I really should not complain. Plus, it's not that often that we have days like Friday. Also, on a happy note the kids LOVED gym day and I was able to talk to some very cool homeschool moms. Hi Becky! I know your reading this! :)
Sorry for the complaining. I am trying to be joyful in all that I do. Just one of those days...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back To School

Well it does feel good to be back on a routine. You know, bedtime, morning chores, schooling, three square meals and such. :) Things in which we abhor in the summertime.
Cassie started college Tuesday and was in for a surprise-her books are comparable to Abbekka and Saxon Math-8th grade level. I am a bit disappointed due to the fact that she needs and likes a challenge. Oh well,this is only for her associates degree before she goes off to her major. It is still so very hard for me to conceive the fact that my baby is in college-16 or not!

We ( Ty, Bre and I) spent Wednesday going over their new books and labeling them. I absolutely love the label maker-yes I know I am weird! We also went over expectations and our routine. The kids were actually very excited about it. See, my theory that kids do need structure and rules is true! Today we followed our routine to a T and we ended class around 2pm. I am NOT being rigid this year, we will take things day by day and if a great field trip comes up, or if a movie is on that pertains to our lessons, we will be flexible. I did not even pre-type the lessons this year. Sometimes, their is more learning in real life than a textbook, even though I do like BJU and Abbekka textbooks. The reason, I did not pre-type their lessons out is so that we have room for other experiences. Last year we finished quite a few books early, so I do not see this as a problem. We also started getting into lapbooking a couple years ago, and it so much fun! The kids truly enjoy them and they have retained everything learned from them. I will try to post a few pictures of their past lapbooks. We have done Colonial Life, Astronomy, Oceanology and Christmas/birth of Jesus. I know there are more but I cannot think of them right now.
I also love the family room/school room. Our old school room was way too much like a classroom. This year it does resemble a school room but with a family room flair. It is very comfortable and fun! I am also way more relaxed this year, this is our fourth year homeschooling and we all are very happy about it and much more relaxed. Cassie even did her essay for her English class (to test out) on Homeschooling. We gave her the choice last year to homeschool or go to the local public school. She looked at me as if I had five heads or something. You know the look. She said NO WAY! Homeschooling has allowed me to know who I am, not follow any crowd and to love learning! What a proud mommy moment. I think I may have even cried. lol.
Well, that is all for now. I know this is going to be a fantastic year because every year just gets better and better. Sure, I know all about winter burnout and all, this year we will be doing unit studies and such when not if this happens. I just have to say how blessed we are that our whole family completely supports us! Thanks Family, you make it all that much more easier. I have heard horror stories of families divided because of the lack of understanding and support. I just need to stress that I appreciate you all and your undying support in our life long journey of educating our children in a healthy christian environment!

Monday, September 1, 2008

We are back...

from a very relaxing yet exilerating camping trip. We hiked, swam, roasted marshmellows and Matt made an amazing breakfast over the camp fire. I actually took a nap all three days. Very nice. The kids had a blast with the Adams Children-all ten of them! :) Here are some pictures that Cassie took while we there. You can also visit the Adams Eden Camp at