Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My baby turned 11!!

My sweet, funny,artistic,joyful,loving,creative,energetic,adorable,lovable...(that's only a few adjectives to describe her wonderfulness!) baby turned 11!!!  Because our house is small we decided to have her friends only party elsewhere. She chose Laser Tag, and had a blast. Josh and Cassie came over for her family party, which was very nice. I miss my Cassie girl and love it when we are able to spend time together. Cassie brought her bible study binder with her and shared some things that her group is studying. It does my heart good to see her grow in the spirit and have a group of wonderful christian women to learn and share with. Whenever my children have a birthday I am reminded how blessed I truly am. Not that I am not aware of this everyday, it is just a good time for reflection of another year past. It is important not to dwell on all the little annoyances that occur on a daily basis. I thank God every single day for my wonderful family, they make me feel so loved and I cherish each of them equally.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All things can be done through Christ~

For the past two years, I have been unable to participate in one of my very favorite activities: hiking. Since neck surgery in Oct. I feel so much better. Not 100% just yet, but well enough to venture on a 3 mile hike. 1 1/2 of that at an incline to a beautiful overlook. Here are a few pics. I was challenged. I was blessed to have my avid runner friend there to encourage me. I almost gave up at one point. She reminded me that all things can be done through Christ! Woo, how could I quit with that? Amen!

Resurrection Day

Bre at the Easter Egg Hunt

Ty being a good sport watching Bre have fun! He was dressed for work.
I love my kids so much!Being a mom is the most blessed "job" in the world!!
My wonderful hubby and I. Notice how I try to hide behind a tree or something when my pic is taken? Silly, I know. I can not wait to get this weight off. In the mean time, I will try not to hide myself. ;)
Nice Ty! hahaha, he is forever making me laugh.
I am so proud of my manchild. He is growing up so fast! Working, CAP, looking at colleges and oh ya, he now has a "girl friend" yikes!
My loves
Ty with  one of Grandma and Grandpa's cats
Bre with Grandma Mallory. She loves the fact that she is almost taller than Grandma. =)
Dinner at Grandma and Granpa's. *Rare photo of Jim* He is very anti-camera. lol

We had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus. I try to keep the reason for celebrating very clear. We did color eggs, because that has been our family tradition for years, but we also made resurrection rolls, that told the story of the Resurrection. We do not do baskets anymore. Too many trips to the dentist. ;) We do give the kids  small treats and a movie. See, I am not a total meanie. ;) 

We had a very nice visit with my in-laws, dinner was great, then us girls went for a walk while the guys played with the bb guns. I missed spending Easter with my mom, Cass and Josh but my mom hasn't been feeling well and wasn't up for a big dinner.We like to split up the holidays between our families. However, with Cass married we would like to start having holiday dinners here at our home and all would be welcome. I would love to see all of our families celebrating together in one place. I do not have a ton of space, but I will somehow make it work. Families are meant to be united through marriage, so let's unite people! lol. I hope you all had a wonderful ressurection Sunday! Love and Blessings to all!