Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is Amazing!

A friend of mine just told me about this amazing DVD player that blocks out graphic. violence and foul language from any movie that you watch on your DVD player. I can't wait to order mine. There are so many times that we rent a "family" movie and I sit through it clenching my teeth and hoping the kids didn't pick up on the adult innuendos. Here is the link: http://www.clearplay.com/ If anyone already owns one please let me know what you think.

Also, I know I posted this link before but it is truly a wonderful website that critiques movies. http://preview.gospelcom.net/ We do not shelter the kids from everything however, because someday they will be out in the world and I want them to be educated for sharing their opinions as facts to future Christians. :) They have their own opinions and they know right from wrong. If we do by chance watch a movie that is not exactly up and up, we use it as a teaching tool. We discuss the movie and why it was bad and what was good about it. There usually is a good moral ending in most movies. We ask them how they think the movie should have been produced and what they would have done in the situation. Not that we watch allot of "bad" movies but it does happen when your not expecting it. I am not one of those parents that walk out of a movie theatre. Trust me their imaginations as to why you left will probably be worse than the movie itself. I mean it's not like you are taking your 8 year old to an R movie. So chances are you can critique the movie together. Ok, so I am tired and am babbling on. I'm probably no making much sense at this point. I am waiting Cassie to get home from bowling with her friends, then I am heading to bed.I will probably end up rereading this tomorrow and editing it. lol. Good Night.

My Present from Hubby

Ok, so this was actually a Christmas Present, but I just uploaded the pic from my camera. I thought it was fitting being that is an egg and it is Easter time. He had it made for me by one of his computer clients. I love it! I have moved it to my china cabinet because I am afraid one of the kids will knock it over with a ball or something. Anyway, just wanted to share. It was actually one of the last things that we moved because I didn't want to pack it for fear that it would get broken. I rode with it in my hand all the way to the new house. A little neurotic? Maybe. It;s just that he had it made and it was so thoughtful, that makes it all the more special doncha think?

My Family on Easter

We had a fantastic Day! After Serving 2nd service at church and going to Third, we came home gathered up our eggs to take to Matt's parents for a outside Easter egg hunt and the coleslaw I made for the dinner, (Thank you Mom for the awesome recipe!) then headed to Matt's parents for dinner.(Grama was there too!) I think we hid about 150 eggs. They each got to find 2 with X's on them. There were 3 five dollar bills and three one dollar bills. They all ended up with a ton of candy and Cassie found 2 five dollar bills, Ty found two one dollar bills and Brea a five and a one. Poor Ty just had his tooth pulled and wasn't able to eat any of the candy and as he said ,he got jipped in the money department. No, actually they all had a really good time.
After that we went to my mom's and we had a nice visit. We couldn't stay long because of the dogs and all. But we had a good visit. Sometimes I feel like we live hundreds of miles away rather than just an hour away. No one ever wants to drive out here and with three children and 2 dogs it's not easy to just hop in the van and go for a visit every week. Still, we do try to make a point of going once or twice a month. Anyway, I know this is kinda a boring post. It's more for the benefit of journaling. :) Hope you all had a wonderful RESURRECTION Day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So here is the story of how our house is overrun by RODENTS!

Well, when we moved we lost about 1,000 sq ft. There was not enough for our 60 gallon fish tank. Every wall was already occupied. So, my hubby sold our fish tank to a friend. Now, Breanna was in charge of feeding the fish. She also notified us if one was floating at the top. She would say a prayer and flush it down the toilet. We truly did not think she would have a problem with getting rid of them. When she found out that we sold it she had a HUGE fit. She refused to talk to anyone and slammed her door. Oh boy. I did feel bad, I mean I'm thinking what a relief to get rid of this huge fish tank slash chore. Little did I realize that what we gave her as responsibility turned into beloved pets. What else could I do but offer her a new small pet? Thinking a guinea pig or hamster she boldly shouted: A RAT! A WHAT??? I laughed and said that is funny Bre! Nope she wasn't kidding. All the way to the pet store I am thinking of all the ways I could talk up a hamster. Cute, cuddly, small. Not an UGLY tail in sight! She immediately found the rats upon arrival. Right there next to them were the cute little hamsters. NO, she said she wanted the RAT, the BIGGEST UGLIEST RAT! The attendant came over and convinced her to pick a baby because they become more attached to the owner. So, that is how we acquired Stuart our first rodent. He is actually a cute little guy. GASP! Yes, he is kinda cute and funny. He loves Bre and crawls all over her and eats out of her hand.

As for the second rodent? It is actually an amphibian. It is a Bearded Dragon. Not the cutest creature. BUT, that is what Ty wanted and it is only fair after all, right mom? I am SUCH a pushover. He eats crickets ALIVE! So whatever, the kids are responsible for them and as long as they do not get loose I am happy!

Now this story will be continued because...CASSIE WANTS A PET IN HER ROOM! AHH! I hope she chooses something soft, cuddly and cute! Oh and pleas e no noisy birds!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finally Moved

Yippeeee! We are finally all moved in! Our garage is packed full of unnecassary things that did not get purged from the move. It is funny how we hold onto things that we do not need. Obviously I do not need them or miss them or they would have been unpacked and put away by now. Last Sunday Pastor John did a whole sermon on hanging onto unnessasary possesions and decluttering. I KNOW he was talking to me.
Anyway, besides the cluttered garage we are very comfortable here. The neighborhood is great and the kids already made friends. I put a new bumpersticker on the van that reads: Home Sweet Homeschool. For those neighbors I have not met yet and are wondering, WHY my children are home everyday and playing outside at lunch time. "Oh MY" No really, the neighbors are great and it is sooo quite here. So much different than the city. Once a country girl always a country girl. Ok, so this isn't the country but it is the burbs. I'll take it. I'll post pics as soon as I get around to taking them.