Saturday, October 28, 2006

Art Display

Today we are going to see the kids art display at the YMCA. They take Art and Gym there with other Homeschoolers. I cannot wait to see there masterpieces! If I can find the little lock that goes on the camera memory card I will be taking pictures. I'll be sure to post them. Breanna will soon be taking a cultural cooking class, she will be learning about other cultures as well as cooking. We are excited about this because we are currently working on a culture display. The children are learning about different cultures and countries. I have asked the each of them to pick a country to represent. They will make a display board with facts and photos, we will (try) to sew clothing that is popular in that culture, and we will have a day for each child to Display thier Country, wear thier handmade clothing, and we will prepare cuisine based on that Country. You know me, I love hands on learning. I was teaching a lesson from a text book on different cultures, when I looked up and saw the glazing over of the eyes look, that's why I came up with this. They will have three weeks to complete. I will be sure to have the camera working by then, so I can share the results.

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