Monday, November 16, 2009

Catching Up...

I know I haven't blogged here in awhile, I do have good reason however. :) I had the surgery finally!(10/16/08) I am still recovering and still in allot of pain, but I am looking forward to felling better and getting on with life. I should start feeling human again in the next 2-4 weeks and hopefully as good as I was before the accident 6 months to a year. I know that seems so far off, but I now can look forward to feeling like myself again.  I cannot sit here and type for long as it is painful to do so, so I am going to throw some pictures up to hopefully appease those of you that have emailed me wondering where I disappeared to. :)

School Update: We are right on target, I spent a couple of hours each week all through the summer preparing that I would be having surgery. I have lesson plans and unit studies finished all the way until January. The first two weeks of recovery, I didn't do any teaching. The kids had their daily plan books and completed all the independent lessons required. Matt not only took the kids to all their lessons, appointments and such, he helped the kids with their schooling that they couldn't do on their own. I got my voice back on the 2nd week and was able to do allot of read alouds. We went through double the literature than I anticipated for this quarter. lol. Matt is still driving the kids and I everywhere we need to go, but I am happily back to doing all the teaching. He signed the kids up for a government class. It is a 5 week class and he is going to take the class with them. He is so resourceful, I do not know what I would do without him and I thank God everyday for giving me such a blessing. :)

Ok, on with the pictures... Fall festivities and Cassie's Bridal Shower...I will get to more later

Bridal Show taken before surgery

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Kathy said...

I am soooo glad you are doing better! I don't think I am an official follower yet, so I need to figure out how to add you. You're a blessing, and it looks like you're having a good year inspite of your surgery.