Friday, July 16, 2010

A day at the park with Bre

Matt and Ty had CAP plans so Bre and I decided to head to the park. I have made an effort to spend  quality time with each of them. Simple trips to the store alone with one child can foster such a bond and enable you to connect which is almost impossible with two or more at once. Even at 11 and almost 16 they will "vie" for my attention when we all go to the store together. I also like to have lunch dates with each of them once a month. I really try to listen to what they are saying and pick up on any clues if there are issues that may need to be addressed. We talk about important things, silly things and just enjoy being together.  Even though some alone shopping time for myself would be a nice break, I know I am enriching my children's lives with love and importance. Not only are they blessed but I am as well. I TRULY know my children and love to be around them.That is much more important than an hour or two of alone time.

On this particular day Bre and I played games, went for a nice walk, "played" in the water, played on the playground and just enjoyed each other and the beautiful nature that surrounded us.

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