Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Shout-Out to our Co-op

I love our Co-op. We meet once a month for Art, Science, Creation, Apologia, Gym, Literature and now Dance/Drama for the end of year program. It is so wonderful to talk to other moms while the kids go about there day socializing and learning. I am so impressed with all of the kids that attend. They are so well mannered, friendly and just plain enjoyable. I think the most encouraging aspect of it is knowing that we are not perfect (Yes, we compare notes on all of our short comings ;) yet, we have these amazing children that love the Lord and their family with all their hearts. They have the freedom to be themselves, not one of  a clique,each of them completely unique. They accept each other for who they are as individuals. We do not see girls on one side googly eyed for the boys, or the boys showing off. They all are friends. Simple. They enjoy being a child and relish everything childhood has to offer. Not one of these kids are in a rush to grow up. I just love it!! We have been part of this co-op for years, and I am so blessed to watch these kids grow and learn together.  Here are a few pics of Bre in art class.

We have a ton of field trips coming up this Spring and can not wait! We are planning a trip to the Creation Museum in KY with other Homeschool families. We have been wanting to go since it opened. =) Although I appreciate winter because it is a season for diving into school work and unit studies, I love the Fall and Spring season so much more! Hands on learning is  oh so much more fun. lol. Yes, I am the mom that will ditch the school day for a  sunny day at the park . Know what? We still manage to get everything done before the end of the year. Relax and live a little. They grow up so very fast, make memories and enjoy life.

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