Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My thoughts on year round schooling

I have done the research and wanted year round schooling to work for us. I love the face that schooling this way allows for the month of December off as well as a week break every 5 weeks. I tried it and put everything I had into it. The problem is that we are just way too busy during the summer months. We are on the go almost every day. Now you could argue the fact that much of what we do could be considered educational. But, as far as lesson plans, book work and written work goes... Nada. Maybe because my kids are older it is more difficult. Ty works, has summer plans with friends as well as our family adventures. We have CAP activities, camping, rifle courses, Archery, weekly hikes,reunions, picnics, daycations ect... How do busy families make this work?

Breanna is always doing something creative, does that count? Ty meets new and interesting people at work as well as working the cash register, does that count? Open to ideas and suggestions because I really would love to school year round. =)


Kathy said...

If it's not working, it's not working. We're going to try to take less breaks this year so we CAN take more time in December and then the month of June off....we'll go from there. We've moved so much that it's been hard to find the consistency, so we have been schooling year around. We have to do somethings in the summer simply because of boredom. Some people tackle things like taking a photography class, or learning to type, or doing a crash course in a language, or "Summer of Science" because they don't have time during the year. I don't know if any of this helps or not.

Are you still using HOD? I have a friend who is, and she LOVES it!


Homeschool Mama said...

Thanks Kathy! I love the idea of picking one or two things to study in the summer...why didn't I think of that? I love it!

I wanted to use HOD but my budget wouldn't allow for it this year. :(
We are completeley CM method now, so it will be very easy to transition back to HOD when I can afford it again. Really, it was poor planning on my part. I know people that only buy the guides then get the books at the library. That never worked for me. The books are rarely available when I need them. I will be posting what I am using in the meantime and my schedule. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Melissa said...

We take the summers off, and time off for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. If they keep up with their lessons we can take extra time as well. I like the thought of four weeks on and one week off, but going all summer I just can't see working. All their public school friends are home and it is just too whiny and distracting. Both of my kids do have to do something educational over the summer. Nothing major just something.