Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Vacation!

Woo Hoo! Christmas Vacation Begins! We are going to ENJOY the Christmas Holiday, worshiping God, baking, signing and just being JOYFUL! I managed to avoid the mall this year, therefore avoiding all the grumpy, miserable people not "getting" the TRUE meaning of Christmas. This wonderful homeschool mom I know told me about a family that has 8 children and what they do for Christmas: They actually celebrate Christmas Day praising God and celebrating Jesus's birthday. Then AFTER Christmas(also, when everything goes on sale) They exchange Gifts. I think that is AWESOME~
I brought it up to the family, and they were silent for a moment, then said-let's talk about it agin next year. Gotta love 'em. I even find myself getting alittle caught up in the whole present thing. We used to give our kids 10-15 presents each. That was pre-saved. Now they get THREE presents each and guess what-they are HAPPIER! I'm dead serious. I am so excited to spend Christms with Family, and worship God and just ENJOY each other. I hope you al have a wonderful Christmas-and keep that good christian feeling. Love you all!

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