Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Descision to Homeschool Year Round

Well it's that time again...End of year reports, planning for next year's curriculum and scheduling our homeschool days.
This is what we decided: To homeschool year round. WHAT? you say. Hear me out. I am not talking about hours on end of book work. I am talking about short lessons and educational fun! No lesson planning, no paper work. This also does not mean the kids are stuck with mom "doing school" all day. If everyone loves the read alouds and bible study-why should we stop for the summer-jut because everyone else does? A 10 minute math lesson won't "kill" their fun either. What it WILL do is keep the lessons they learned fresh for next years curriculum. We won't have to waste 6 weeks to review LAST years lessons. A daily journal for writing and grammar will only take 20 minutes-also great to read back to the summer's adventures. We do ALLOT of fun stuff. We do exciting science projects and many fieldtrips! And guess what? They still have time for friends and social time. Book work from 9am-11am will keep them structured and fresh. Also a benefit of schooling all year is that we can take mini breaks throughout the year. We are only required to school 180 days. We go WAY beyond that. Remember,school doesn't have to be boring and dull. In fact, my teens LOVE our read aloud time together. So to summarize the benefits of all year schooling:

  • Keeps lessons learned fresh

  • Allows us to take a SHORT break every 10-12 weeks long breaks every few months.

  • Keeps kids balanced and continues a somewhat structured day

  • Allows for unstructured days when needed

  • Quality Family time ALL the time

  • Fun projects and fieldtrips with out the guilt

I know there are more benefits, however, these are the tops for us. So, before you yell at me for my insanity try to see the REASON behind it. :)

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