Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer To Do List...

  • Learn to sew (more than a simple seam or button)

  • Make final preparations for Fostering

  • Actually sit outside and enjoy the weather

  • Reduce my busyness (So far I do not see this happening)

  • Try a few summer dessert recipes I clipped LAST year

  • Lay on the ground with the family at night and watch the stars

  • Go camping for a WHOLE week

  • nightly strolls around the neighborhood

  • college hunt with Matt and Cassie

  • Continue friendships that edify God and lift me up (Sometimes God puts people in your life for a reason and a season)

  • Watch the kids play and have fun with their neighborhood friends

  • Go to a few ball games and a couple car races

  • Eat LESS hotdogs

  • Catalog all my clipped recipes

  • make a few scrapbooks (I want to make a recipe scrapbook for Maggie and a photo one for my mom)

  • Look into investing in a pool...even if it IS a cheap rubber one. :)

  • Take my time to really investigate and purchase my curriculum for the fall

  • Not go to so many barbecues and parties. I think one or two a month is great! But when you get to the point when you DREAD getting another invite-enough is enough! I love my friends and family don't get me wrong, I just miss some of the quite moments of life.

  • Send out a few personal cards in the Mail. Just a Hi and thinking of you notes. Sometimes you loose touch with people when you are a busy family. I value my friendships but my family IS my first ministry. However, I do not want my "old" friends to feel unloved.

I know some of this is unrealistic being that I am a mother of teens. However, I do want to try to recapture what summers are meant for...relaxation and rejuvenation.

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