Saturday, July 12, 2008

Where Oh Where have I been?

I have so much to blog about and lots of pictures to upload. I will start with why I have been gone so long... June 22nd I was in a car accident with Bre and Ty in the van with me. We were driving west to pick Cassie up from a friends house when a young girl floored it to go east. She was on a side street. I didn't have time to push on the brakes and we T-boned causing our van to go down a 10 foot embankment and the air bags to deploy. As we were going down the hill- I came to. I was knocked out for a short few. Ty was yelling GOD and I LOVE YOU! Once we stopped, I got out of the van and opened Bre's door and yelled for Ty to get out. Bre lost her shoe and her glasses. None of us could hear, I am guessing from the loud crash of impact. I quickly checked out the kids and they appeared to be OK. I yelled at the girl looking down at us. The one that pulled out in front of us. I guess my mother bear instincts kicked in. I was in a kind of shock and couldn't feel my body. It was weird. I asked the lady who's yard we landed in to call my husband. The next thing I knew the fire department and ambulances were on the scene. The fireman was astounded that we walked out of our van. The whole front end was completely totaled and the windshield cracked. Breanna was having neck and tummy pains and my neck and whole body hurt. Ty had a small cut on his finger. They took us by ambulance based on the condition of the van. Breanna has whiplash and I have to have an MRI on my neck. I also fractured ribs on my right side. Ty had chemical burns from the airbag on his face and arm. I also have seatbelt bruising and severe swelling as you can see from the picture. What's worse is the emotional trauma one goes through after such experience Pastor's Joe and Dawn went to the hospital to pray for us and offer Matt support. He was an emotional mess. He felt terrible because he was going to pick up Cassie. Pastor Joe and Dawn truly blessed Breanna with thier kindness. She was very worried about me- We were in separate rooms and ambulances. Their sense of humor and true goodness helped her through it. It has been 4 weeks since and we are all still very shook up. It was VERY difficult getting back into a car (rental). Bre has been very emotional and cries over everything and screams when I have to leave for a Dr. appointment. What really touched us was the vast support from our homeschool friends. We had meals made for us for two weeks. Also we had allot of prayers and support from our church family. Matt's business group even pitched in to hire a house cleaning company. The positives that came from this is realizing how GOOD people are and how much loved we are. I am very grateful and feel very blessed to have such great friends! Well this is all I can post for now. My neck is in extreme pain. I do have allot more to share. Hint: I have a school room again!! Till next time-Be blessed and drive safe!

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