Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So I guess we have been doing SOMETHING right...

Cassie took her college entrance exam yesterday morning...Out of a possible score of 120 she scored 120!! Woo0HOO! Also, she will be taking college level English because of how well she scored!! We are very proud of her and it feels good knowing that our choice to homeschool in a relaxed atmosphere really was the absolute right choice. Often over the years, I had worried that I wasn't teaching her what she needed to know for preparation for college. I breath a sigh of relief knowing that I can continue with Bre and Ty with a little less worry. I know many homeschool families that have always homeschooled without a doubt or worry that they are doing the right thing. I've witnessed so many positive changes in our Children that it was always enough for me. Still, I struggled with the academics part, meaning, am I teaching enough of what they need to continue their education on their own? This is why I am so happy right now. I know I have three very different learners with three very different needs. I love the fact that I can tailor their education accordingly to their needs. Whew, can you tell I am very excited?

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