Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Fun

Bre and Ty had a great time Halloween night at ALCC;s Church Bash as you can see from the pictures. Bre's costume won first place in her age division. Another Homeschooler won first place in the younger age division. HOMESCHOOLERS ROCK!! Crassie was Edog and helped out with everything from filling candybags to face painting. There were hayrides and Bouncy thingys among other goodies. Bre and I had a blast making her costume and thinking up things to add to it. Ty opted out on a costume this year. Cassie dressed up as an Toy Army Figure using her brothers CAP uniform. Even thought the kids didn't go trick-or-treating they had a ton of candy! They still have more waiting for them at NaNa's house. The ladies at Chiropractor's office took pity on the poor kids for not trick-or-treating and gave them each a bag of candy. lol. They are very sweet.

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