Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mallory Town Canada

Ok so the day trip to Canada we envisioned didn't exactly turn out how we expected. BUT, we had a great time anyway! We ended up leaving the nondescript little ghost like town and headed back to the states to Alexandria Bay to find out that it too was a ghost town because everyone left for the season. Before leaving Canada we stopped and let the kids exchange american money for Canadian money for souviniers. They also had fun posing with the bear as you can see.We did find Bonnie's Castle Hotel and Restaurant across the lake from Boldt castle (which was also closed) that was open and serving lunch. It was an enormous elegant dining room with a beautiful view of Boldt Castle. Matt's great Grandfather helped build that castle so he being the history buff he is REALLY wanted to go tour the Castle. We decide that come May we are going up there for the weekend and take boat tour and everything. It was overall a fun time. We got a big laugh out of Mallory Town which we were "bragging" to all that would listen that it was named after one of Matt's Ancestors. Oh, well humbling one self is a good thing. hehe.

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