Sunday, December 14, 2008

Museum Pics

I have no idea what or how he did that to his hair. :)
In an "Ice Cave"

Digging for Fossils

An earthquake Simulator

Pattie giving the kids a Drawing Lesson-They had to draw one of the giant bugs and write facts about the bugs.

The girls working on thier drawings together.

A Cute Group Picture of the girls!

Just to give you an idea just how big these mechanical bugs are!

Bre checking ut the real bugs!

Ty in the Giant Bug Room

Ty playing with his little buds

Ty and Sam Doing a weather report

Matt and Bre doing a weather report. This was cool, we were able to send the video to ourselves and it looks really cool!

Bre on the rock wall

Bre and Friend in the "clouds"

Matt in the Clouds

Ty in the "clouds"

Bre and Matt manuevering a submarine with a video camera

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