Friday, December 12, 2008

What We've been Up To...

Making Snowmen at Mandy's House on Thanksgiving

Let's see, it has been awhile since I last posted. It could have something to do with packing to move. :) I am super excited about moving into a bigger house with a bigger homeschool room. But, I do not like moving AT ALL. What sane person moves in the winter. lol. We do! I am most excited about the big kitchen with a double covection oven and the fenced in back yard. The lake is a benefit also. So, I should stop whining about packing and moving. We have WONDERFUL friends that are going to help us move since I cannot lift anyhting and Matt's knee is in bad shape. Speaking of these wonderful people we had Thanksgiving Dinner with them, which was very nice, relaxing and fun! We had taken our table apart and down a week before Thanksgiving so we couldn't have it here. My mom had just had surgery and wasn't feeling up to company. So, when Mandy invited us we were delighted. The kids had fun making snowman and playing games. Mandy and I had fun looking at all the sales online. Mandy's mom Marty is an amazing cook and makes the BEST stuffing. Next to my mom's of course. ;)
Monday we spent the day with the group at the Science Museum ad had a blast! They have a new bug exibit and the kids did a drawing lesson. There are three floors and we could have stayed even longer if I didn't have so much neck pain.
Bre and Ty had ice skating and field hockey today and they love it! Cassie has ben busy at school and church, oh and all the Christmas parties!
Bre is trying to spend as much time with her back yard budy as she can, which I understand but I need the girl to pack her room! :)
We sold our beautiful sage green furniture because I wanteed something different. We bought a sectional on craigslist for a very good price and it is very nice EXCEPT it is made for LITTLE people I think. I am not a small person. This couch is so low to the ground that I literally grunt when I get up. ugh! I guess it is modern and some of the modern couches are like this. Whatever, I do not want to be eye to but level with my dog, thank you very much. I want to sell it and get something taller. Actually I would love my old couch and loveseat back. I will wait until we are settled and then I will start looking.
Anyway, that is all that I can think of right now. The kids are doing great with schooling considering that they no longer have a school room or even a dining room table to sit at. :) They have been doing thier lessons either on the couch or at the coffee table which by the way is higher than the couch.
Once we get settled I am going to blog weekly reports on the kids lessons and such. Okay, that's all for now! I will post pics from the museum later.

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