Sunday, March 14, 2010

Misplaced Time

I have been noticing more and more that I have many things left on my to-do list and it keeps getting longer. So, I started to log my activities to find out why that is. I really didn't need to do that because I already really knew, the number one culprtit-Facebook. Why is it so alluring? I mean most of what I read is non-essential crapola. Most of which I really do not want or need to know. I just do not understand why I continue to waste time on there. I even did a FB fast for a week. I did have most of my list done that week, but I kept thinking about FB and wondering what everyone was up to. Ugh. I think I may need Dr.Phil or something. lol. Just kidding. Kinda. I do need to reprioritize however. Yes, we are getting school done, yes, my house is "mostly" clean, laundry is sorta done. BUT, I used to take pride in all those things and really enjoy making my house a home and finding joy in the little things.

Now that I have admitted my little problem, (that is the first step right?) I am going to set a timer whenever I get online, for whatever reason. This sounds elementary I am sure, but whatever works right? I need to be accountable and I am hoping that will help. I have also been slacking on my blog *sorry*.

Now that I have found my misplaced time, I am going to cherish it much more. =)

I am also going to start posting our week-at-a-glance again and menu planning. Now, that is time well spent, right?


Kathy said...

It would probably be of no comfort to you whatsoever that I just logged off of facebook before coming over to read blog posts! Oh yeh, I got it bad too. I love facebook....I confess and admit. HELP!

Bottom line: we were made for relationships. God made us that way, and now He calls us to try, try, try to steward our time better. So, let's take this a step further. I pray the Lord will help you, and help me to steward our time His way. Wow. This is going to be a work of God on my part.

EHHHH!!!! : ) You really touched on something with this one! My, my.

Blessings, and so great, so great to hear from you. I have missed you bunches, and am glad to hear you're coming along....keep us posted. :)

Homeschool Mama said...

Thank you Kathy!I am praying for you also :) We should connect on FB, lol. No really, we should. My favorite FB posts are from other homeschool families. =) I love reading your blog and appreciate your comments. Hugs!