Thursday, June 23, 2011

Big News!!!

I do have some homeschool related things to post. But first...I am a GRANDMA!!! Cassie girl had a sweet chunker monker weighing in at 9lbs 7oz and 30 inches long. Luella Rose Bailey entered this world at 7:21 yesterday evening. After roughly 15 hours of  labor and nearly 3 hours of hard pushing, Cassie had to have a C-section. Ellie couldn't fit through Cassie's pelvic bone. Now we know why! Cassie did such a good job! She was smiling and joking with us in-between contractions and pushing. The nurses said they have never seen anything like it. Cassie's Faith and love for the Lord shines through even the toughest times.

I still can't believe I am a grandma! I am thinking Nonnie is more fitting for me, but I don't know yet. I don't want to regret not being called Grandma down the road. I am sure after spending more time with my precious Ellie, I will know. For now, I am just in my glory. Just look at her sweet cheeks! She looks just like Cass did when she was born. I also see a lot of daddy Josh too. I know this, she is one beautiful baby! =) 



Beautiful! I became a grandmom on June 26th to a beautiful boy Patrick. :))


I also wanted to say that my dil went through labor and then had to have a c-section also because he decided to turn. They were trying for over an hour to vaccuum him out.