Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happiness is a choice!

I overheard a conversation the other day that has been replaying over and over in my head. I know, I know I shouldn't have been listening, but I just couldn't help myself. A young mom was talking to another young mom about how unhappy she is. She was giving a long list of why she is so unhappy, such as not having enough money to go out, kids always mis-behaving, husband working too much to help out around the house... The typical trials of mommy-hood. While she is venting her beautiful toddler was sitting next to her eating his snack listening to his mommy complain, basically about him.Her ending words, were why can't I just be happy like everyone else? That got me thinking how many other moms feel the same way? Happiness is a verb. It takes action. You must decide to be happy. The more you dwell on the little inconveniences of everyday life, the unhappier you will feel.

I wanted to point out that yes, her husband is working long hours, but not for nothing. She was able to sit in a park with her girlfriend while her children played on a weekday. He was contributing much, if not in finances, at the very least the well being of his children. I remember some of those feelings when we were first married. I do not remember who told me, but I remember these words spoken to me very clearly: Happiness is a choice! YOU decide if you are going to be happy or not. As I grew as a christian I knew his to be very true. I start my day with thanks to the Lord and with a ready for anything attitude. Once I stopped focusing so much on my wants and desires and put my focus on the Lord and pleasing my husband and kids, it was EASY to feel happy. Watching the smiles of my children, the contentment of my husband and the joy in our household is worth so much more than my silly desires. What evidently happens is that those things BECOME your desires.
These are some of the things I would have liked to have said to this  mom. Have you ever overheard a conversation that you wanted to "crash"? How did you handle it? Is it ever appropriate to intrude on a private conversation?  Probably not, and unfortunately I have never been able to intrude gracefully. Until then I will just blog my two sense.


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