Monday, July 9, 2012

A Lovely Find for our Nature Study

While shopping at a favorite thrift store with my girls, I found a beautiful bird case. It was on the counter and had yet to be priced. All of our items were already rung up, but they kindly priced it and added it to my bill.

All the way home (45 min. drive) I was trying to think of where to put it and more specifically what to put into it. I try not to purchase anything that I can't find a place or use for. This is a difficult task for me as I am a very visual person and sometimes there is no rythme or reason as to why I find something appealing. lol  

About 5 minutes before we arrived home, it hit me. I could use it to hold our Nature Study books!! Yay, at least I my what answered. Now I need to find a permanent where. =)

I took some photos to share. Since then we have added a few things...our Nature Guide, charcoal pencils, water color pencils, bird guide, bird whistle and erasers.

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Sylvia phillips said...

Cute box! Sometimes we just need to get something pretty and then find the use for it!