Monday, January 28, 2008

My thoughts on Time4learning

I signed my kids up for time4learning 2 years ago. I hear that allot of homeschoolers use this as their core curriculum. I use it as a supplement. I absolutley LOVE the program as my children love it and their grades have improved because of it. I ecspecially like the LA and Math. I have also used this program when I have appointments, whenever I need to be away from home, or if I am sick. The kids know to log in and "do" their work.When I get home, I log into the parents section on time4learning and I can get a report complete with grades for the work that each child did for that day, week, month ect...

I recommend this site to anyone who would like to supplement their childrens core curriculum as a booster or to coinside with their current curriculum.

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