Saturday, May 17, 2008


I have recently started babysitting my friends daughter. Initially, it was a favor to her. However, I also wanted to see how we are going to "handle" a toddler running around while we homeschool.(with fostering in mind) I almost feel guilty excepting pay for watching her. Danyella is such a beautifully happy child! Just a joy to be around. All three of the kids just love her. She walks around singing and she loves it when I am reading our daily read alouds. When the kids are doing their seat work, I put her in the highchair with a craft and she is as happy as can be. With all that said I'm not sure she is giving me an acurate insight of what life with foster kids is going to be like, but that's ok! She is a joy and I can see what a wonderful mom Vikki is as well as friend.

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Heaven's Doula said...

Aweeee! Dani fits right in! She is the blessing of God to ua all! Loev ya