Friday, May 9, 2008

A Long but FuN Day!

I love homeschool co-op. The kids get to engage in schol activities with peers their age. The moms totally rock and the nursery is the place to be. :)
Cass and Ty's classes start at 9 and our day ends at 4pm. HIM club starts at 11:30 for Breanna. By the time we get home I have to come up with something quick yet creative enough to look like I care to put a decent meal on the tabble (when I am so tired.) before church at 7pm. Well dinner is done, dishes are in the dishwasher and I am ready to go...except Ty and Bre both have a huge headache. Probably from playing kick ball which is more like dodgeball. lol. Matt will probably take Cass to church tonight.
Despite all this it is SO worth it! It is so invigorating to talk about curriculum with other moms-Seriously! I want to come home and revise and plan two years of lessons-Okay maybe not THAT invigorated, but is so empowering to be around other mom's that care about their families the same as I do. When I talk about curriculum and behavior issues I don't get a very blank stare, I get advice and support and it is always so interesting to hear how other moms homeschool. No matter how different our techniques are the goal is the same- A christian foundation with a strong love for family values. LOVE IT! Oh and check out my friend Kelly's blog- She rocks! I don't know her very well but I call her friend becauses we have the same values-our families- very cool-AND she plays the guitar! How'a that for a shout out Kelly?

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Kelly (Arnold) Young said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! I hope your kids are feeling better today. Notice how I stayed in the nursery during my free period? I'd rather have good time to connect with like minded people than sit alone and read a book for an hour.
Have a great weekend!