Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So just HOW many Homeschoolers ARE there anyway?

How Many People Are Homeschooling Now?

Home-based education is experiencing regeneration and growth at a significant pace in nations as widespread as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Numbers are hard to come by in some nations. An estimated 50,000 to 95,000 students were being homeschooled in Canada during the 2000–2001 conventional school year. In England and Wales, estimates vary widely, from about 13,000 to 50,000. Australian figures are in the range of 35,000 to 55,000. In Germany, a country that remains strongly committed to state education, one organization thinks there are between 500 and 600 homeschooled students.

The United States offers the most accurate information available. During the 2001–2002 school year, the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) estimates that between 1.6 and 2.0 million students were being homeschooled in the U.S., in every grade level from kindergarten through twelfth grade. This is a remarkable increase of 500 percent over the number homeschooled in 1990–1991. Indications are that the growth rate is between 7 percent and 15 percent per year.

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