Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Family on Easter

We had a fantastic Day! After Serving 2nd service at church and going to Third, we came home gathered up our eggs to take to Matt's parents for a outside Easter egg hunt and the coleslaw I made for the dinner, (Thank you Mom for the awesome recipe!) then headed to Matt's parents for dinner.(Grama was there too!) I think we hid about 150 eggs. They each got to find 2 with X's on them. There were 3 five dollar bills and three one dollar bills. They all ended up with a ton of candy and Cassie found 2 five dollar bills, Ty found two one dollar bills and Brea a five and a one. Poor Ty just had his tooth pulled and wasn't able to eat any of the candy and as he said ,he got jipped in the money department. No, actually they all had a really good time.
After that we went to my mom's and we had a nice visit. We couldn't stay long because of the dogs and all. But we had a good visit. Sometimes I feel like we live hundreds of miles away rather than just an hour away. No one ever wants to drive out here and with three children and 2 dogs it's not easy to just hop in the van and go for a visit every week. Still, we do try to make a point of going once or twice a month. Anyway, I know this is kinda a boring post. It's more for the benefit of journaling. :) Hope you all had a wonderful RESURRECTION Day!

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