Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So here is the story of how our house is overrun by RODENTS!

Well, when we moved we lost about 1,000 sq ft. There was not enough for our 60 gallon fish tank. Every wall was already occupied. So, my hubby sold our fish tank to a friend. Now, Breanna was in charge of feeding the fish. She also notified us if one was floating at the top. She would say a prayer and flush it down the toilet. We truly did not think she would have a problem with getting rid of them. When she found out that we sold it she had a HUGE fit. She refused to talk to anyone and slammed her door. Oh boy. I did feel bad, I mean I'm thinking what a relief to get rid of this huge fish tank slash chore. Little did I realize that what we gave her as responsibility turned into beloved pets. What else could I do but offer her a new small pet? Thinking a guinea pig or hamster she boldly shouted: A RAT! A WHAT??? I laughed and said that is funny Bre! Nope she wasn't kidding. All the way to the pet store I am thinking of all the ways I could talk up a hamster. Cute, cuddly, small. Not an UGLY tail in sight! She immediately found the rats upon arrival. Right there next to them were the cute little hamsters. NO, she said she wanted the RAT, the BIGGEST UGLIEST RAT! The attendant came over and convinced her to pick a baby because they become more attached to the owner. So, that is how we acquired Stuart our first rodent. He is actually a cute little guy. GASP! Yes, he is kinda cute and funny. He loves Bre and crawls all over her and eats out of her hand.

As for the second rodent? It is actually an amphibian. It is a Bearded Dragon. Not the cutest creature. BUT, that is what Ty wanted and it is only fair after all, right mom? I am SUCH a pushover. He eats crickets ALIVE! So whatever, the kids are responsible for them and as long as they do not get loose I am happy!

Now this story will be continued because...CASSIE WANTS A PET IN HER ROOM! AHH! I hope she chooses something soft, cuddly and cute! Oh and pleas e no noisy birds!

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