Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Breanna's 9th Birthday, Goodbyes and the Airport

I cannot believe my baby is 9. She decided she wanted her party at the bowling alley this year. We all had a good time and no mess for mom to clean up. :) What FuN! I was able to take some cute pics of Sarah and Brittany also. No easy feat with how active they are. That is why I left it up to a professional (Sandi) She managed to capture the cutest pictures even though they were cranky and figity.

Tam and the girls left yesterday. That was horrible! I cried so hard and my heart broke when Brittany called me crying asking to please please let her stay with me. We all were crying at that point. Even Matt was teary eyed. We stayed at the airport for about an hour after they borded because they had an awesome exhibit.

Waking up this morning was so hard. I have been waking up early to the tiny voice of Brittany saying: "Good morning Auntie Kristy." And having to walk around the big air mattress to let the dogs out the back door. I so miss that! We miss them sooo much already. I cannot wait until they move back here! Tam- start planning now! lol :)

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