Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last Night

Our Pastors came over for dinner last night. I was SO nervous, I'm not sure why, maybe because we never had Pastors over before. Anyway, I had no reason to be nervous, they both are the nicest and most down to earth people I have ever met. We even have the same taste in cheesecake. lol. I bought a fancy cheesecake at walmart and carefully took it off their platter and put it in my super fancy one. Wouldn't you know, Pastor Nicole walks in with the same one!!

They have three children and two of them are the same ages as Ty and Bre. Their youngest son Josiah is a sweetheart that brightens any room that he enters.

We feel so blessed to have had them over and it was nice to get to know them better. Our old church was so large that I honestly never had a conversation with our pastor in all the years that we attended. I now know we made the right decision in leaving. I love that church, but it was time for us to move on. Cassie , Ty and Josh trying out for the worship team Thursday.
That's all for now, we are getting ready to start our day. I was looking online the other day for next years curriculum and had about 15 books in my cart, when I thought " I better do an inventory of what is on my shelves first." The reason I thought that is because I brought home books from the library Friday and found that I already owned two of them!
It turns out that I do not need as much as I thought for next year, I have most everything I need. I do have to get Math for Bre and Literature for Ty. I think I am going to stick with Bob Jones Math for Bre for one more year before I switch her over to Saxon. I also think I am going to sit down one day or two to input all of our curriculum, Literature and games in my homeschool tracker database. I didn't use it much this year, but now I see that if I had taken the time to input my resources I could have saved time and money. If you are interested in Homeschool Tracker here is the link: I would suggest the free version. I bought the upgrade and I do not see that much difference, however, I suppose it depends on your homeschool needs. I am a huge fan of pen and paper. :) I have a gigantic binder that I use to keep track of all of our forms and lists.

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Jen Trelease said...

Awesome stuff Kristy! It gets me so excited about homeschooling. Hey, do you know about Google Reader? You can "google" it. I just found out about it and it is such a time saver. I added your blog to my list... see you Friday! ;)