Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Week at a Glance March 9-15

Monday:Finished up Civil War Unit. Tylor and Breanna were able to delineate The Civil War with ease. If they were unable to give such details in their writing and narratives I would have included one or two more resources. I am finding more and more that they do much better and retain much more with unit studies versus textbook. I still use their textbooks as a resource, just not as a whole.

Tuesday: Nice and Normal school day.

Wednesday: Started out Egyptian Unit. Completed all lessons around 3:00 with a long break for lunch. Ty and Matt had CAP.

Thursday: Another great school day. We went to Church for a healing conference.

Friday: Chiropractor, shopping, library and Gym day. It was nice to sit and chat with Becky (Finally!) in the nursery. Matt and I went out to Red Lobster and watched Frost/Nixon.

Saturday: Cass and Ty went with Josh to visit his family in the country. They played paintball and went four-wheeling. Bre played outside with her friends all day while I happily did some cleaning. Matt gave his commencement speech for the current ITT Grads! He did a great job. I will post the video when I get a chance. (yes, of course I tapped it!)

Sunday: Matt had a CAP class in Rochester so we missed church. Cass took Bre out to lunch and shopping and then dropped her off at her friend's birthday party. Ty and I did some yard work and cleaned off the deck. I let Ty for the first time in his life ride his bike to the gas station for some goodies. This was a big step for me because he has to cross over a Major intersection. See, I am really working on letting go a bit. He is after all 14, almost 15. They grow up SO fast! I am planning Breanna's 10th birthday for next month. Last year she had her party at the Bowling Place. This year she wants it at home. Fine with Me! She wants a horse theme. She is very into Horses and Zebras. Should be Fun!

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