Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our Week at a Glance

Monday: Normal school routine. Bre is getting very good at drawing Zebra's. I will post pictures soon. She flew through her lessons so she could spend time drawing wild life. Monday's are difficult for Ty to get back into routine, however, he completed all of his assignment independently with a few math exceptions.

Tuesday: Normal School Routine, nothing really to blog about. We are almost finished with our Civil War Unit, we should be done by the end of next week. Tylor whizzed through his lessons like he usually does Tues.-Friday. :) Bre put on a talent show and I almost peed my pants it was so funny.

Wednesday:We finished school around 2:30. Ty had Civil Air Patrol.

Thursday: We finished school around 1:30, went shopping and did some errands. Ty had Youth. Played Clue with Bre like 150 times. She loves that game.

Friday: Chiropractor, half day of school (just the basics) Gym: the kids are doing Basketball and Karate right now. I think next week is the end of the 6 week session before they begin Cardio and something else. I will have to look in the program because I cannot remember for the life of me at the moment. We finished our running around with the Library.
There you have it, a very quite and productive week. I remember the days of complete chaos. You know, school in the van while we cart the kids to one activity or sporting practice to the next.
Spring is in the air, so I am anticipating some more busyness. That's ok, as long as we have a season of rest. and we all aren't stressed out. I now know the signs of too much craziness and will put a halt to it immediately if need be. :)

Saturday: I plan on Cleaning and shopping. Bre is having a friend over to watch the new iCarly program. Ty is going to the mall with friends.Matt is doing a radio class with CAP and Cassie will be going to a Birthday Party for Josh's mom.

Sunday: Church and The Pastor and his family are coming over for diner.

I also want to include Cassie in our weekly updates, it is just that she is not here during the day. She is so busy between school work and nannying that we only get to see her a few hours a day. We stayed up late one night just catching up. Josh came over Thursday to hang out and had a nice chat with him also.

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Kathy said...

Hi Kristi. Just wanted to report that I actually planned a menu this past week and I am using it! Yes I have deviated on a meal or two, but having a plan made it easier. Is there a particular curriculum you use or are you just putting your own together? I feel the need to make some changes for next year, but just not sure on some things yet. Have a great weekend and time with the Lord tomorrow (and today too of course!)