Saturday, March 7, 2009

Old Pictures

Matt scanned some old family pictures, so I thought I would share them. It is fun to look back and remember those times. I still cannot believe how young we were when we got married. Our oldest is older than we were, and we still see her as our baby! I have always desired to be a mom and a teacher. How awesome is God that he gave me the grace to be a Homeschool Mom? I am so happy with my life, my husband and my children that I could not even imagine any other lifestyle. I believe that motherhood is the most important "career" a woman could ever be so blessed to have. Times were not always easy peasy and I remember when Matt had three jobs and went to school while I was being tutored at home because morning(more like 24 hour) sickness made me too ill to go tot school. I remember our little apartment and I remember eating peanut butter out of a jar because we didn't have enough grocery money. God's best plan for us? Maybe not, but he sure did make it our best. Matt joined the Army soon after Cassie was born and has worked hard ever since to provide for our family and I have worked hard making our home a loving, fun and relaxing home. I take my life as a mom and wife seriously. I am not a microwave mom, I do not send my kids to school so someone else can "deal" with them. I am not in any way judging moms that need to work out side of home. It just burns me up when someone says to me..."you could have been... (fill in the blank)" I say that I am exactly as God has designed me to be and I am very happy as well as my husband and children! I couldn't ask for more and count my blessing each and every day. Somehow, my idea of a happy, cheerful, walk down memory lane blog entry turned into a rant so I am going to close here with a few pictures from the past. :)

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