Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little Miss Breanna

If you have been reading this blog lately, you know that I am experiencing "growing pains" Entering into a new phase of life with my children. Little by little each day Breanna has been asking more questions about growing up and getting more moody since en. Yes, puberty has begun. She tells me that she doesn't know her own body and her thoughts do not feel like her own. Now, when I was her age I couldn't put those feeling into words as well as she did. I remember feeling like something from a sci-fi movie was taking over my body.
She is going through the crazy hormones that make you want to laugh hysterically only to cry 30 seconds later. She asked me to pray for her and to please tell her exactly when this will stop. For this question I can not awnser for I still ask that same question for myself at the age of 34. :)

I purchased The Body Book It's a God Thing! by Nancy N. Rue. It answers questions in a christian perspective. She is doing better, however, her poor brother is not. He thinks she is crazy and wants to know what is wrong with her. Every night when I tuck her in and pray Ty always comes in to say goodnight. Well, the other night she yelled at him to get out! He looked so confused. Later, I had to tell him that she is starting puberty and he should expect her to be a bit moody. well, he refuses to believe that- his words not mine. He said his little sister is NOT going to like boys and get weird. They have been buddies for a long time. Sure they bicker and argue, but because she has always been a bit of a tomboy they have been pals. I feel bad for him, in a way he is loosing one of his best friends. I told him that he has a new responsibility to his sister now. He needs to protect her and watch out for her in a new way. I think that helped a bit, because Ty has a natural protective nature.

I always have tea at night when all is quite and I feel accomplished (at least somewhat). Bre has of late been asking to join me. So, I have decided to embrace that and her new phase in life. I ordered this beautiful tea set for two and devotional for her and I to have special tea time once a week. I look forward to this time to bond and share the word together. I Keep going back to Cassie at this age. I truly did not see It coming with her. It was like one day she was a little girl and the next a hormone raged teenager. I honestly believe that if Cass were homeschooled at this age, I wouldn't have missed it and could have embraced the transition with her. Don't get me wrong Cassie and I had/have a wonderful and beautiful relationship, I only wish that I could have savored her youth longer. I remember Cassie and I going out lunch to celebrate her time. Her walk into womanhood, or in her case her jog into womanhood. I am so blessed that God has given me these wonderful children to look after. Cassie and I often talk about how our life would have been different if we all didn't become saved when she was 13. Since we started walking in Faith and living as Christians our lives have been so enriched and blessed. Even trials are so much easier to go through. I thank God every single day for revealing himself to us all at the same time, so that we all grew/grow at the same time. It is so awesome to feel as excited about life and the Lord together! When one of us gets down or have a struggle we are here for each other to lift and encourage, with Gods word and prayer. I hope that I am not painting a picture that this house is always in perfect harmony. Let's be real. What I am saying is that since becoming evangelistic Christians there is less chaos and confusion. Know what I mean? We are still flesh and act fleshy sometimes, it's just nice to have each other to remind us of God's unfailing love and forgiveness.

You know, lately I have been posting very looong posts. I honestly do not plan to, it just comes from my heart. I used to write everything in a journal and scrapbook, but this is so much better. I hope someday the kids will appreciate me posting their antics. ;)


Kathy said...

I hope you and I are still blogging buddies in a couple of years, 'cause I think I'm gonna need your experience to get through those years with my daughter.

Kristy, somehow when I was using comment moderation I ERASED your last comment! I hit publish, but then back spaced somehow....anyway, so I am going to cut and paste the message as it came through on my email. So sorry! I love having you come by, and i love coming by your blog too! Blessings sis!

momtofivekids said...

I have 3 teenage boys. My only daughter just turned 4 and I haven't even thought about her going though puberty! I'm sure it will be different with a girl.