Friday, May 22, 2009

MRI Results

My Dr. called with my MRI results and he said that I have numerous herniation and bulging discs. He is setting up an appointment with a Nero surgeon. I have resolved to go ahead with surgery if this surgeon also suggests it. I realized that I have stopped doing all the things I was before because of the pain. I haven't even gotten my bike out, because it hurts too much. I know from experience that surgery can help, so prolonging it is only putting my active life on hold longer. I prayed about it and have complete peace with this decision.

On a lighter note, I have to comment on Heart of Dakota Curriculum. Bre was already finished with most of her 2008-09 curriculum, so knowing that I have a box full of new beautiful books and a different system made be anxious to try. :)
We are on day 6 Unit 1 and LOVE it!!! I only wish I had this when we first started. I absolutely am in love with this program. It is easy to follow, FUN, and the lessons are in bite sized chunks that allows us the freedom to do other fun school things. Bre even WANTS to do school all summer. I will post some pics of some of the work she has done soon! My only wish is that Carrie- the creator of this program would make one for Highschoolers. :) Ty listens in on Bre's lessons sometimes and I can see that he likes it. The living books that Carrie has chosen are perfect and engaging. I have been having Ty sit it on the read alouds because they are so interesting. If you are a new homeschool family or a veteran homeschool family and like the Charlotte Mason method this program is for you!! I have posted about it before. The link is: Heart Of Dakota


Kathy said...

Kristy, first of all, keep all of us in blog-world posted on your surgery.

Also, I think you had posted on Heart of Dakota before? I went and checked it out. I'll have to do it again, because you make it sound so good! How old is Bre? Bethany is just 9-going into 4th grade. Blessings, and maybe we'll need to email if I have further questions about it.

Kristy said...

Hi Kathy!! I will keep you updated. :) I get excited when I see a comment from you. :)

Bre just turned 10 and going into 5th grade. Yes,I love HOD as I am sure you could tell. I would be happy to awnser any questions that I am able to. Do you have my email addy?
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

Kathy said...

I don't know if I do or not. Mine is

I looked at the sight after I visited your blog. We're finishing up in the fall, a study of early american history through beautiful feet publishing. We have loved it. I think what I saw when I checked the HOD choice for her placement would be another American HIstory Study if I'm not mistaken.(I also like the format of drawn into the heart of reading).

Anyway, let's correspond through email so I don't have to bore all your blog readers to tears with my HOD questions. By the way, I love your comments too. Your blog has a super special place in my heart.