Friday, September 18, 2009

SpellQuizzer Review and Giveaway

I was asked to give a review of SpellQuizzer in exchange for a free download. I am also hosting a giveaway to one very lucky commenter. I often give my reviews on books and products and give my honest opinions. As a homeschool mom, I often rely on other like-minded mom's opinions before I make a purchase. With that in mind, I can assure you that I am giving you an honest review.

SpellQuizzer has made our spelling lessons easier on myself and fun for the kids. Breanna whom started 5th grade this year has noticed that her spelling words are more difficult. As you know, we are mostly a CM homeschool, the majority of the spelling words come from our literature. Because we do not read twaddle books, the words are more complex and harder to spell than your typical textbook spelling list. With SpellQuizzer I have the freedom to input my own words and make an audio of them. Breanna then logs on and hears her spelling words that I have recorded, she then types in the word to find out if she was correct or not. She likes it because I record the words in my goofy voice. Remember, we do not like boring. ;)
If you do not like to make your own spelling list, you can use one of theirs. It is virtually an easy to navigate and understand program, to make things more simple for you as well as your child.
You can download the free trial for 30 days to see if it is something you want to use. I think you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was, just how such an uncomplicated tool is so useful. I also use the words that I created for copywork. The one thing I would like to see in this program is a progress report. However, as a Homeschool Mom I can clearly see how well she is doing with the program just as it is. Remember leave me a comment if you would like to participate in the giveaway. I will choose one random commenter SpellQuizzer for the free download on October 1st. Good Luck!

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Tammy Reynolds said...

Wow! Nobody has commented yet. OK, so I guess I had a pretty good chance :) Well, the SpellQuizzer program sounds like it would be an excellent one to have. In fact, it sounds like Brittany would love it.

Love and miss you guys!