Sunday, September 20, 2009

Van Broke down AGAIN

My Best Friends husband has been here all day trying to help Matt fix our one and only piece of transportation. I am praying that something works, and it is not costly. I am very grateful to Geoff and Mandy for all of their help! Again. :) Please pray that it works, Matts work requires him to travel. Thank you. :)

On a happy note, we had a wonderful day AT HOME yesterday! lol. Because we were unable to drive anywhere we just made the best of it. It seems that every weekend we are busy going here and there. It was nice to have a quiet Saturday afternoon. Matt played Bball with the kids, went for a walk and watched family movies, and to my horror watched Bre climb a 20 foot tree!!! Matt said she is fine, we did it when we were kids. True, but I still made her wear her helmet. lol. :)

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Kathy said...

This picture, your Bre and my daughter have something in common, a love for climbing trees. I love it!