Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Character Building

We spent the better part of the morning working on Character Building. We discussed 12 ways to be more positive and 8 Major Dilemas.
Then we did some role playing with both negative and positive behaviors based on real life situations. The kids took turns either being the bad guy or the good guy. They had allot of fun (me too) and didn't want to move on to math. Also part of the character building I had them write in thier bible journals how sometimes doing the right thing as a christian isn't always easy and had them tell a story about a time that they had to make a difficult choice, such as stand up to peers even if it made them feel like an outcast. We talked about the journey of christianity sometimes being hard but worth the glory. We had a great time and I didn't stick to my schedule as far as what time each lesson started and ended. I let the kids set the pace today. We spent more time in Bible, reading and Social Studies. I realized that we probably covered more than a weeks worth of material in the few hours that we Immersed ourselves in what interested them. I know many homeschool families that do this on a daily basis, called child-lead learning. Although I think they enjoyed today, I will continue to stick to our routine and schedule and allow a few days like today. I think this way they feel that they have some control over thier education yet I know that they are learning what they should be in a timely manner. I think everyone benefits from a routine with some flexability.

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