Monday, November 13, 2006


Today we aren't going by our normal schedule(GASP!) You can view our schedule on my website: Anyway, Matt is rearranging his office, he did some computer work for a reality office and got some nice solid oak desks in return. Sometimes trade of services are a good thing. :)
Ty and Bre get my old office desks, Matt is giving me his old office desk and Cassie get's my old Homeschool desk. Confused? You should see the confusion in my house right now. Like I said he is rearranging his office and let me tell you the mountain of Clutter he had in there. So where is the clutter now? Scattered all over the first floor. UGH. He says he will put every thing away tonight. I said that he better have it done by Thanksgiving because my mom is comming over, in the nicest wife voice I could muster. Anyway today we are organizing the homeschool and putting things where they belong. That is a life skill, right? To those of you that do not homeschool, do not worry, we are not depriving our children of thier education. We get more lessons done in one day than a public school does in a week. That is why the average homeschooler test 2 grades higher than thier public school peers. I am not condeming parents that send thier kids to public school, I know Homeschool is not for everyone. I just feel like sometimes I should brag about the hard work I put into my children. By the GRACE of God, of course. Without his guidence I could not do this. There are days that I ask myself and God, WHY? am I doing this? Then I will turn around and watch my older son(who was labeled learning disabled) Joyfully help his younger sister with a math problem. That is why I do this. They have matured into such wonderful loving children of God. They love learning and they love each other. They also show grace on others that other's pick on. I could list a thousand reasons why I should versus the few reasons that I shouldn't. The should'nts do not come very often, and when they do God is quick to show me the Shoulds. Ok this is a confusing blog. I guess my mind is as cluttered as my house right now. I am going to unclutter my house as much as I can now. See you soon. I just realized that I do not have a pic of Cassie on this blog site- there is a ton on my website: see above. But I think I will post one here, so she doesn't feel left out. Like she would! Ha! If you know her you know what I mean.

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