Saturday, November 25, 2006

Todaqy is a Baking /Cooking Day

Hope you all had a wonderfuly blessed and plentiful Thanksgiving. We had a great time. Unfortunatley Mom couldn't join us. She had a stroke last Sunday and got home from the Hospital Wednesday. She was very tired from all that she went through, so I made her a platter and brought it to her and her husband. We did have a long time family friend over, then we went to Matt's parents for some more dessert. I made a homemade apple and pumpkin and Matt's Grandma made double peanutbutter chocalate cake. I think I gained at least 5 pounds. Oh well, it was very good. The only mishap was that I had left the carcass and dark meat in the roaster on the stove to clean and put away when we got home. Well, we came home to turkey stock and the carcass ALL OVER our kitchen. Mackenzie must have jumped up and knocked it down. Murry is too short. She was sick all day yesterday. At least Matt had carved most of the turkey and I had put it away before we left. I make turkey and vwegtable soup with rice today. I am also baking bannana and pumpkin bread. We put our tree up last night. We actually ventured out on Black Friday and bought a new pre-lit 7 1/2 foot tree. As much as I love the sales I'd rather not go thru that again. People are mad crazy on black Friday. Next year I am staying home. We had a real tree last year but Breanna and I are quite allergic, besides it made a big mess. I will post some pics of our tree later. Cassie's friend is over and she is hogging the camera. That's all for now.

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