Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spirit of America

A small group of us attended the Spirit of America production put on by the US ARMY Friday and it was FANTASTIC! Between my husband whom has served in the Army and our son who is planning on joining after he completes ROTC in a few years, I was feeling very patriotic. Not to mention it was the day after the anniversary of 9/11. After the show the kids had their programs autographed. They loved the whole show especially the Drill Team, that was a hold your breath show stopper. Amazing. Ty was able to watch the show with his friend Jordan whom is also interested in the military. It was very awe-inspiring to see the passion these soldiers have for their Country.
When we arrived there were protesters outside of the Arena with posters saying "Recruiters Lie-Soldiers Die! " My husband was yelling HOO-RA to the crowd of protesters. )I just can't take him anywhere-GRIN) I am astonished that these people feel the way they do. I could maybe understand if these young men were drafted and forced to join. However, they join for the love of their Country and the Freedom that we have - INCLUDING those protesters.
As a mom of a boy who already has his career pretty much mapped out for the Armed Forces, I can be honest and say that it is a bit terrifying to think that he could go to war and not come home. However, what a honorable heart he has! I will and am proud of whatever path he chooses. Matt and Ty are at Civil Air Patrol Camp right now, roughing it and getting more training, I recently read in the CAP newsletter that CAP Cadet's need to be on alert for they may be deployed to help out the victims of Hurricane Ike. I can't help but think back to 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, I remember Ty age 11 at the time crying and praying asking me what we could do to help. I know he would be honored and feel obligated to help in any way possible. I truly did not realize that even at the tender age of 14 , if duty calls he will be going (with his dad) to help out. All I can do as his mom is pray and know that the Lord has him in his grip. I am proud of all my brood!

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