Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Tylor!

Today is T-man's 14th birthday!! It's hard to believe! You know, after almost 17 years of being a mother of three you'd think that I would get used to milestones and such. I guess I am just a very sappy person. In fact the other night I was going through my hat box of love letters from Matt, dating back to January 1991! I was a sobbing mess when he arrived home, however, it ignited some old feelings and it was like we were 15 and 16 again.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, my sappy self. I just love my life and my family so very much! See, SAPPY!

I do have days where I ask "WHY ME?", don't we all? I have found that it happens when I am not diligent in my work, whether it be homeschooling, mothering ,housework or bookkeeping. I also noticed that when the kids are acting up it is usually because they are bored, not challenged enough, or disorganized. This family functions best on structure. I know families that cannot fathom structure and function just fine. I love the fact as different as we are, we have two very important things in common-the love of the Lord and our Families. Sorry, I truly do not have anything substantial to post today. I am just celebrating my boy's special day!

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