Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Buffalos, Balls and Dolls

What do they all have in common? NOTHING. I am just giving an update on what we have been up to. Let's see...Gym Day (balls) the kids really love gym day! They get to participate in different sports and hang out with their peeps. It is a parent run program and runs in 6 week sessions. Right now they are doing softball and relay races, in 6 weeks it will be soccer and calisthenics for Bre and Soccer and Strength Training for Ty. In the future they will be participating in Floor Hockey, Ice Skating, Basketball, Karate , Volleyball and more. It is every Friday for 33 weeks and the kids love it!
Yesterday we went on a Buffalo Safari (THANKS MANDY- YOU ROCK!) It was very cool. We were able to get VERY close to the herd. There was one Buffalo in particular that was a bit scary-Big Jim is his name and he is head honcho of the group. In fact he fathered 18 babies in one day last spring. :) We took a tractor hay ride around the farm and the weather was just perfect. I will post pictures later. We were going to go to a really cool butterfly museum afterwards but I had to get a tetanus shot (stepped on a rusty nail). Still had a great time!

Our first Life of Faith Party was Friday also. (AGAIN-THANKS MANDY!) Bre and I had a sweet time, fellowshipping with other moms and daughters. The girls even put on a scit ,had a tea party and did a craft. I was impressed with how organized the entire evening was and the message of the evening: 1 Samuel 16;7 -The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.
What a fantastic word for girls living in this day. Even as adults we can find ourselves sometimes "judging" someone on their outward appearance. So, I would say that I believe this club is going to be an uplifting journey for both Breanna and I. Bre brought her LOF Doll Kathleen Mackenzie. We look forward to our monthly club meetings.
That was all the fun stuff, I won't bore you with DR. appointments and such. Overall we had a great week.

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