Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. While I am sure some people have had great success with them, I personally have never met anyone who lost 50 pounds, stopped smoking, run a marathon, or learned a foreign language because of a resolution.
I do believe in setting goals for the upcoming year.

Family Goals
· Family Bible time 5 nights a week
· Stick with family game night once a week No excuses!
· More Winter Outings as a Family (Not my favorite)
· Family read alouds
· Make more time for other family members outside of our home
Financial Goals
· Purchase new van (cash) by April 2009
· Fund Retirement Plan
· New Glasses for Breanna
· Cut grocery budget by $50 a month
· Live on half our income/ save or invest other half
· Save for short term goals: vacations, homeschool materials, gifts
· Better Allowance Program/System for Kids
· All extra money goes into Savings
Homeschool Goals
· Restructure Bible time
· More read alouds/ less silent reading
· Research curriculum changes for 2009/2010 school year
· Once a month library trips w/ kids
· Create system for organizing past and future books
· Reorganize my filling system
Homemaking Goals
· Freeze Meals to prepare for neck surgery
· Work on my monthly meal plans and shopping trips
· Involve the kids in meal planning/ prep
· Incorporate more whole foods/ purchase less prepackaged foods in meals
· Plant container garden
· Enter all addresses into the computer
· Try two new recipes a month
Personal Goals
· Be more consistent with workout plan
· Learn to knit
· Learn to sew clothes
· Go to bed 1/2 hour earlier and get up 1/2 hour earlier
· Take vitamins every day
Places to Visit
· DC
· Williamsburg
· Florida
· LEAH Convention
Spiritual Goals
· Read through One Year Bible
· Increase time in prayer
· Faithfully keep a journal
· Reach out to more people out of my comfort zone

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