Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mexican Jumping Beans-YEAH!

Yesterday was the first day of HIM co-op this year. Cassie filled in for me at the nursery for GYM day co-op. It was nice to see "old" faces and new. It's amazing how much children grow in just a few months. Babies that weren't crawling are now walking! There is just something about being in a room of fellow homeschool families that makes the world seem so much better.

Ok, now on to the topic at hand. Mandy- the amazing-science teacher brought in a lesson on Mexican Jumping Beans and we had the children use the Scientific Method to awnser questions such as "Why do they jump?" "What are they?" "What's inside?" etc...

I read this book to the class and we did different experiments with the children to see if their observations were correct. It was allot of fun and the kids had some pretty funny ideas of what the bean was and what was inside. One child said it was a peanut with a popcorn kernel inside. It was also great to see the wheels spinning in their heads to come up with the answers. One little girl Maya had the idea to draw a circle around the bean before I read the book and see how far it jumped out of the circle by the end of the story. Some of those buggers travel far. :)
It was just a great time! I look forward to helping with next months science class -earth worms!!

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