Monday, January 19, 2009

Wife's Ten Comandments

1. You shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart,
and with all your soul,
and with all your mind;
and you shall love your husband as yourself.

2. You shall not make your husband into an idol,
but you shall love, honor, respect,
and submit to him as unto the Lord.

3. You shall not take your husband's name in vain,
through gossip, slander, criticizm, complaint, or mockery;
but you shall bless him
both privately and publicly.

4. You shall work heartily as unto the Lord
and as directed by Him and your husband,
not by your own ideas of what should be done.
You shall not be so busy working, however,
that you neglect to get alone with God everyday.
During this quiet time,
you shall pray diligently for your husband.
You shall also be willing to put aside work
in order to "play" when your husband asks you.

5. You shall honor your mother and father,
but you shall not elevate their position
or opinions above your husband's.

6. You shall not resent, revile,
or hate your husband,
but you shall grant him grace,
forgiveness, and mercy.

7. You shall not commit adultery,
nor shall you think lustfully toward another man;
but you shall thank God for your husband
and be pleased with him.

8. You shall not steal from your husband.
You shall not steal his marriage by threats of divorce.
You shall not steal his wife by leaving him alone all the time.
You shall not steal his spiritual leadership by taking control.
You shall not steal his time by placing unnecessary demands on him.
You shall not steal his joy by complaining or moping.
You shall not steal his peace by endless nagging.
You shall not steal glances from other men
by wearing provocative clothes & causing them to stumble.
This defrauds your husband of an honorable wife,
the other man of pure thoughts,
and the man's wife of her husband's faithfulness.

9. You shall not lie to your husband,
but you shall speak the truth in love.
You shall also practice
a quiet and gentle spirit.

10. You shall not covet another woman's husband,
her children, her friends, her house,
her decorating style, her garden, her looks,
her wardrobe, her possessions, her talents and gifts,
her ministry, or any other thing that is hers;
but you shall be content
with all God has given you.

Authoor Unknown

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Cassie said...

wow i really like that mom =) ill keep that in mind and strive towards that for when i am married
i love you to pieces and you are such and amazing role model