Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New House Pics

Downstairs Guest Bathroom, This is also the bathroom Bre uses and it has a full size tub. Ty and Cass share huge upstairs bathroom and we have a full master bath.
This is the Master Bedroom.We have HUGE walk in closet and a nice sized bathroom.


I love the kitchen There are so many cabinets that I had room for everything.

Another view of the kitchen.

A glimpse of the Dining room

School Room. There is a sliding door that leads out to the back deck.

Here are some pics of a few rooms. Does the School room look cluttered? I hope so, if it didn't then we wouldn't be doing school right! I was going to declutter and organize before taking all the pics but I thought, let people see how we really live. :) I do like a clean home but I have learned the difference between clean and cluttered. I guess I will have to live with a little bit of clutter if that means happy kids. Someday I will look back and cherish the clutter! I didn't take pictures of the kids room. l'll save that for another day ;)

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